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San Ramon Project

The Mighty Studio is the stylish, multifunctional unit you've always dreamed of. Whether you need extra space for a home office, guest home, pool house, or a rental unit for passive income, life has never been more comfortable.
It started off as a vacant space in the backyard. As Joe toyed with ideas on how to enhance their backyard, Joe decided a pool house would make a great addition. And voila - Mighty Studio was the perfect fit!
I appreciated how hands - off I was!
Joe Abdou
Proud homeowner of the Mighty Studio
The Abdou family's ADU journey began when they realized they had an empty space in their backyard with a lot of potential. Joe often toyed with the idea of having a pool house, but never had the time to begin the process. This is when he learned about Mighty Buildings and fell in love with our Mighty Studio.

Our turnkey procedure reassured Joe that he and his wife would not have to take time away from their two kids or jobs to have this project completed. We handled the entire process.

The family couldn't wait until their unit was installed. They intended on using the unit as a pool house and space for their in-laws. This unit would offer their visitors the space and privacy they need while remaining close to their loved ones. The Mighty Studio is a luxury hotel in their own backyard!

"There were a few phases, the construction phase where they put the foundation in and all of a sudden they are craning the unit, and it's pretty much done. So it took really really fast, which surprised me," said Joe Abdou. "I am actually really happy with it."

Studio in San Ramon


Floor Area: 350 sf total Overall Dimensions: 25' x 14' Bedrooms: 1 studio
Bathrooms: 1
Floor Area: 700 sf total / Overall Dimensions: 28' x 25' / Bedrooms: 2 / Bathrooms: 1
Kitchen Cabinetry
Washer & Dryer
10 Year Warranty
Energy Efficient
Solar Panel Options


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