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starting at $187,250

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Exclusive private preview of a 3D printed ADU.
By appointment only in accordance with public health guidelines.

Visit our beautiful Mighty Duo B — 700 sq ft unit that comes equipped with a kitchen and bath.
Mighty Duo B


Starting at $187,250
+ Permits
+ Entitlements
+ Foundation
+ Onsite labor
+ Truck delivery
+ Site Assessment
+ Utilities & Drainage
+ Crane / Heavy Equipment
+ Project Management
+ General conditions
Detailed Turnkey Site work
Mighty Buildings and our trusted partners will be responsible for the whole project. The final costs will depend on your site specifically and will be determined after site assessment visit of our inspector to your property.
Turnkey Solution
Mighty Studio

By private appointment only

Pop up ADU is designed to give you a complete experience of the products we offer. Within the unit itself you will be able to interact with the furniture, appliances and much more in an environment designed to make you feel right at home.

We will also be ready to answer all your questions on permits, ADU laws and financing.
Your safety and convenience is our priority. We've taken extra steps at our in-person locations by offering complimentary face masks, adding hand-sanitizing stations, and enforcing 6 ft social distancing and temperature checks.
wear a mask
social distance
measure the temperature
"This is like tech and innovation meets housing crisis".
Libby Schaaf
Oakland Mayor

Why build an ADU?

ADU is an accessory dwelling unit, a detached or an attached building that goes into a backyard or a side yard of an existing residence. ADUs are usually built as a guest house or extra living space on the property for rental purposes or as a long term investment.

ADUs are an extension of your property so it does increase your property value. However, the property tax goes up insignificantly by the amount of construction costs added to the base of your assessment value.
Increase your property value by 30%
Gain the potential rental income
Certified 3D printing technology
100% safe and ecological. Confirmed in our quality certificates
Our units come with all interior finishes including countertops, cabinets, appliances, and HVAC system
Beautiful and sustainable design
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