First Time Home Builder Checklist

Building your own home has many advantages —  choosing your floor plan, picking your finishes, and building something that you truly love. For first-time home builders, it is an exciting venture, but there are some things to consider when buying a lot for your potential home.  

It is always recommended to work with a realtor or land broker to find suitable property. Request any disclosures about the property, such as information pertaining to its topographic survey or a geotech report. This can help determine the complexity of the necessary foundation.  

What are some other things to consider when building your first home?

  • Rule of thumb: the steeper the slope, the more extensive the site preparation and foundation work will be, which will lead to higher costs. Building on flat land is ideal but tends to be harder to find in California. 
  • Is the lot easy to access? Are the roads leading to your property public or private? Will road improvements need to be made? 
  • Where are the utilities? Are they onsite or close by? If they’re not near your property, you may need a septic system, a well for water, or you may even need to bring power to the site.
  • Are there easements? An easement is an agreement that grants an individual, company, or municipality the right to use a landowner's property in some way. These agreements can partially restrict an owner's use of the affected portions of land. 
  • Are there protected trees or any other conservational factors to consider?
  • Are there any geological hazards to be aware of like fault lines, likelihood of a landslide, or high fire risk?
  • Is the land located in a coastal region? If so, you might be subject to  guidelines set forth by the California Coastal Commission, which can be tricky and time consuming to navigate.  

*This is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as a full comprehensive list for necessary due diligence. Buying vacant land is always a risk, as there can be many unknown factors.

Have you already purchased land? Let us find a model that will suit your requirements and is a perfect fit for your lot!