Introducing the Mighty Buildings Advisory Council

From L-R: Lindsay Baker, Shawn Hunter, Cecily Joseph, Tom Limon, and Elizabeth Timme.

As the classic saying goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.” 

At Mighty Buildings, we want to go fast and far. We have assembled an expert Advisory Council to help ensure we maintain a systems view as we work towards our vision of addressing both the housing availability crisis and the existential crisis of our time: climate. Because if we can’t address the climate crisis, nothing else frankly matters. 

“We know that we won’t solve these huge systemic problems on our own,” says Slava Solonitsyn, Mighty Buildings co-founder and CEO. “We’re big believers in what we call ‘disruption through collaboration’, and just like we look to innovative partners for new materials or ways to scale, we also look to leading experts to help us make sure we’re working intelligently, strategically, and purposefully toward our vision.” 

When developing the Advisory Council, we looked for members with a diversity of backgrounds, areas of expertise, gender, and ethnicities. We wanted leading experts in corporate sustainability, materials innovation, and housing policy, but we wanted them from different sectors, with different levels of familiarity with 3D printing and home construction. We want this group to not only encourage us along our path, but also to ask challenging questions to help ensure we meet our ambitious goals. 

We are proud to announce that the inaugural Mighty Buildings Advisory Council is comprised of Lindsay Baker (CEO of the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), Shawn Hunter (Global Sustainability Director, DuPont™ Performance Building Solutions & Corian® Design), Cecily Joseph (former VP of Corporate Responsibility / Chief Diversity Officer at Symantec and current Presidio Graduate School adjunct faculty member), Tom Limon (Executive Director of The Casita Coalition and Chair of the Oakland Planning Commission), and Elizabeth Timme (Co-Director and Founder of LA Mas).  

“We are honored to have these Council members join us as we bring the next phase of our sustainability roadmap to life, and continue to expand our impact around equity and housing availability,” said Sam Ruben, co-founder and Chief Sustainability Officer of Mighty Buildings.

The Advisory Council Members will serve a one year voluntary term helping guide Mighty Buildings’ impact strategy, connect with potential partners, and more. Please join us in welcoming the Council Members. If you have suggestions regarding potential future Council Members, please email us at pr@mightybuildings.com.