Why This Homeowner Prefers Mighty Buildings

Why This Homeowner Prefers Mighty Buildings

Daniel turned to Mighty Buildings when his initial ADU builder was not living up to his expectations. 

Frustrated from facilitating permits and contractors and acting as a liaison between third parties, Daniel decided it was time for a change. That is when he learned about Mighty Buildings. Our turnkey solution and hands-on approach provided him the peace of mind and convenience he was looking for. We reassured him that everything would be taken care of by us.

The Mighty Buildings Advantage:
  • Quick Construction
  • Short On-Site Installation
  • Turnkey Process
  • High-Quality Building Materials
  • First Certified 3D-Printing Technology
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Financing Options 

"Mighty Buildings took care of the permits, finding the contractors, and all the little details. So it's kind of just like the saying, set it and forget it," said Daniel.

Daniel originally intended on using his ADU as a rental. However, when his Mighty Home was installed – he was so impressed that he ended up using Mighty Unit as his home and his main property as a rental.

With Mighty Buildings - you can also enjoy the benefits of a 30% increase in home value, additional income, and extra livable space. 
 Multiple Uses for Your Mighty Home:
  • Main home
  • Rental property 
  • Guesthouse for elderly parents 
  • Vacation property
  • Home office
  • Home gym
  • Pool house