What are the Features of an Accessory Dwelling Unit?

What are the Features of an Accessory Dwelling Unit?

The concept of an accessory dwelling unit (or ADU) has been around for quite some time, yet remains a mystery to homeowners. Simply put, an ADU is an additional structure on your property or attached that can be lived in. Over time, the design and technology have drastically changed for the better.
Today, ADUs look modern and can even be done with 3D printing. They boost the value of your home and could even be built as an investment on an already existing property. Let’s look deeper into ADUs and what kind of features they have. 

Even though ADUs are smaller than the average house, they don’t lack features or cutting-edge technology. The interior features ADUs are equipped with, are designer-selected. ADUs have a bunch of features made for the kitchen and bathroom. There are custom-made cabinets with bold design and plumbing fixtures such as faucets/sinks. In the bathroom, is an elegant mirrored medicine cabinet over vanity. 
The countertops are quartz for a sleek, modern-day design along with ceramic tile on the floors. There is also room for appliances. ADUs have a range/oven, refrigerator, and microwave with a vent fan. Not to mention, ADUs come with a washer and dryer which means it’s fully habitable and independent from your main home. 
We made a guide to interior design here loaded with tips on fully customizing the inside of your ADU. There is plenty of space to get creative with plants and two-in-one furniture that adds style to your property and boosts the value of it too. Additionally, don’t be afraid to experiment with dark colors to add richness to the inside.

The exterior design of Modern Buildings is made by award-winning architects. Based out of the Bay Area, we know how high labor costs could be and how inefficient home construction could be if done the “old way.” That’s why the solution for constructing ADU’s, is centralized around using synthetic stone and 3D printing technology. The material is stronger than concrete and built to last. This material is cured instantly using UV light and printing is done off the site of your property. 
There are all kinds of fantastic exterior features equipped with these ADUs. They offer high-performance, double-pane windows and doors meant for superior temperature control on the inside. Integrated PVC roofing provides your ADU with a long service life and advanced durability. Overall, the material Mighty Buildings uses make your ADU resilient to heavy wind, earthquakes, fire, moisture, and any brutal elements of nature. 
If you’re thinking about building an ADU on your property as an investment, it’s hassle-free for any landlord. You can easily rent out your ADU to tenants while maintaining your privacy. The ADU is safe thanks to the high-quality materials and foundation used to build it. Not to mention it has the potential to boost your property value up to 30%.

Additional Features

The design possibilities are endless with Mighty Buildings packed with additional features. Every ADU is compliant with California’s building and energy codes. This means the units are certified to be placed in any approved backyard in the whole state. The construction process is very quick because of 3D printing capabilities. For example, the UV light mentioned before could also be used for floors, ceilings, walls, and roof structures without any complexity. It produces the structure of ADUs fast and durable shortly after it’s done printing. 

Here’s a list of additional features that Mighty Buildings ADUs are equipped with: 

  • Tankless Water Heater
  • Mini-Split HVAC System 
  • Programmable Thermostat
  • High-Efficiency LED Lighting
  • High-Efficiency Plumbing Fixtures
  • Solar Panels Available
  • Zero Volatile Organic Compounds Interior Paint 

Why Choose Mighty Buildings?
You should choose Mighty Buildings because of the once in a lifetime experience you get when you buy your ADU. If you want a smooth, efficient, and hands-off process, Mighty Buildings will take care of it for you. From the way your budget is mapped out, to permit applications and project management, it’s a hassle-free transaction. The construction gets done quickly and soon enough, your ADU will be delivered already equipped with cutting-edge features. 
Compared to a traditional build, you don’t have to deal with a large number of different professionals. There are no long construction times along with lengthy plan reviews. Start to finish, it will be taken care of for you. The labor hours are 95% less than what a traditional build usually takes to complete a project. Not to mention, Mighty Buildings wastes 10 times less during production than the traditional approach. It’s modern, eco-friendly, and is built to last. 

Final Say
With no shortage of advanced living features, the best time to build an ADU is now. They are fully customizable and suit all of your needs. ADUs are an investment into the future of homes. They have amazing technology thanks to 3D printing capabilities with the ability to transform your dream into a reality in less than a full year. The process for building an ADU is headache-free if you work with Mighty Buildings. 
Whether you want to build a rental property, an entertainment place, or a guest room, ADUs could handle it all. It’s a wonderful addition to your property that is completely independent from your main home. Try contacting Mighty Buildings today if you have any questions to ask, or if you just want to share a vision that you have. The team is here to help you take your property to the next level.