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Germans build home with 3D printer

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Germans build home with 3D printer
Germans build home with 3D printer

Germany’s first 3D-printed house, a two-storey family home, is being built near Dortmund using technology that could revolutionise construction.

The walls are laid down by a machine that follows a digital design to squirt concrete and mortar through a nozzle.

The concept is not new. Robots were used in Japan to help build skyscrapers in the 1980s. The first 3D printers for full-blown construction emerged in the 2000s. Since then they have been used to “print” houses, offices, museums and even a bridge in Spain.

Mighty Buildings, a company based in California, claims to be able to produce 3D-printed homes in less than 24 hours. A 33ft printer is currently building an estate of 50 homes in the Mexican state of Tabasco.
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