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Mighty Buildings will soon build 3D-printed homes in California

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Mighty Buildings will soon build 3D-printed homes in California
Mighty Buildings will soon build 3D-printed homes in California

American construction company Mighty Buildings has announced that it plans to build what it’s calling the “world’s first planned community of 3D printed homes,” in Rancho Mirage, California.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen 3D printed homes, but the company boasts that this is the “world’s first planned community of 3D printed homes,”. The project will take $15 million to complete.

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Mighty Buildings is all about sustainability and innovation, and this new project of theirs shows it. The community will be 15 homes spread across five acres of land. Each 1,450 square-foot house will sit in a roomy 10,000 square-foot plot and will sport 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and an additional building half the size of the main house with two bedrooms and a bathroom of its own.

Each house also comes with a pool and a deck (it is California, after all), with the option to add in outdoor luxuries like a hot tub should you so desire. And, because we’re living in the age of smart-tech, homes will be fitted with a “wellness intelligence solution” able to control things like circadian lights and water quality in your house.

In terms of sustainability, homes will apparently be “zero-net-energy” thanks to their reliance on solar power and optional Powerwall batteries made by Tesla. And speaking of Tesla, Mighty Buildings will also put in an EV charger for customers who need/want it. The goal is for this project “…to minimize its environmental impact and offer smart and healthy homes to sustainability-minded buyers,”.

The project will utilize the “Mighty Kit” system. The company’s printers, relying partially on automation and robotics, pre-make the panels which are later put together to build a 3D-printed house. According to Mighty Buildings, this method of construction is faster, more sustainable, and less expensive than traditional methods.

The community is set to finish construction next year, and Mighty Buildings says it already has plans for future developments.

Source: Business Insider

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