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Incredible 3D-Printed Homes Take Just 24 Hours To Build

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Mighty Duo B
Mighty Duo B

A US construction technology company can print sustainable 3D homes in just 24 hours.

Mighty Buildings, based in Oakland, California, uses a 20-ft printing machine which allows the firm to produce modular houses and building components much faster than traditional construction.

With a housing crisis and rise in building expenses, many companies are searching for innovative housing solutions. Two companies turning to robots and technology to meet that demand, Mighty Buildings and the Palari Group, are on course to make the first-ever 3D housing community in America. 

Mighty Duo B interior
Mighty Duo B interior

Unlike concrete, the material used hardens almost immediately thanks to a UV light curing process meaning that as well as being produced quickly there's around 95 percent fewer labour hours.

Not sure how you feel about less labour hours (less work for people = less jobs)? Well, you might be swayed when you find out that the cost for a 350-square-foot studio apartment would start at around $99,000 (£75,000).

For a three-bedroom, two-bath Mighty House however, you'd be looking at around $285,000 (£215,000).

Mighty Duo B interior
Mighty Duo B interior

Sam Ruben, chief sustainability officer and co-founder of the company, told Digital Trends: "The 3D printing, robotic post-processing, and the ability to automate steps like the pouring of insulation means that Mighty Buildings will be able to automate up to 80% of the construction process."

He went on: "It is important to us to make beautiful, affordable, and sustainable housing a reality for more people because housing is at the intersection of a number of global crises. The lack of productivity in the construction sector is driving housing scarcity and the affordability crisis on pace to impact 1 in 3 urban dwellers globally by 2025, over 1.5 billion people."

Crucially for the environment, their system also generates 10 times less waste. According to an article on their site, the UK's construction industry is the largest user of natural resources and generates waste equivalent to 30 percent of the materials delivered to site.

Sam went on to add: "The housing crisis is further exacerbated by climate change and in the US alone, home energy use contributes 40 percent of total CO2 emissions.

"Given these realities, it is imperative that we find new ways to build that can leverage our shrinking construction labor pool to build more homes in order to bring housing costs down, while also improving the energy efficiency to reduce the contribution to climate change.

"In the end, sustainability is about finding the right balance of people, planet, and profit, something that our mission reflects."
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