Through our Sustainable Cities Development Initiative, we are inviting cities and towns around the country to submit their interest in the development of beautiful, durable, and sustainable 3D-printed homes.

If this sounds of interest, please select the "Get Started" tab below and provide us with your contact information. We will contact you to learn more about you and your interests.

Mighty Buildings wants to bring the future of sustainable home construction to your city or town!

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Rendering by HANA for Mighty Buildings/EYRC Architects
Mighty Buildings Sustainable Cities Development Initiative
As a result of COVID migration, municipalities and suburbs have seen an influx of new residents challenging local housing supply and causing pricing to rise. Limited construction materials and labor is compounding this effect and most marketplace solutions only increase the impact on the environment.

Mighty Buildings' mission is to unlock productivity in sustainable housing construction. As builders of 3D-printed homes, Mighty Buildings is uniquely positioned to assist in the creation of new housing faster than traditional construction while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Mighty Buildings estimates that the construction of new homes could be completed as early as the summer of 2022 or sooner with expedited permitting and approvals.

This is the first step in our vision to support cities and towns around the country in achieving sustainable housing goals.
Purpose of this Initiative
Mighty Quatro
Mighty Quatro
High-quality, speed, and sustainable advanced materials with certified 3D-printing technology.

Mighty Buildings offers a turnkey solution and handles all aspects of the construction process.

On-site renewables and climate control technologies further reduce the environmental impact of Mighty Buildings homes, key benefits for both the occupants of the homes and the surrounding communities.

First and only technology certified under UL 3401, the world's first standard for 3D-printed construction. Serves as the basis for Appendix AW in the 2021 International Residential Code for jurisdictions that seek to adopt it.

Potential for zero net energy homes (dependent on location).

Mighty Buildings generates 95% less construction waste compared to conventional construction, sending significantly less waste to local landfills.
Why partner with us?
Sustainable Future Cities Development Initiative FAQ
What is Mighty Buildings?
Mighty Buildings is a 3D-printing construction technology company based in Oakland, CA. We build panels to assemble single family homes faster and more sustainably than traditional homebuilding methods.
What is the initiative?
Mighty Buildings is launching a partnership opportunity for cities, big and small, around the U.S., to build the future of housing. As part of this, Mighty Buildings wants to partner with cities and municipalities to build new single family homes. Mighty Buildings is aiming to build a minimum of 50-60 units that will be move-in ready in 2022. These homes will add to available housing in cities while helping contribute to their environmental goals.
How many homes will be built?
The total number depends on partnerships with cities, developers and lenders but currently targeting a minimum of 50 single family homes.
How much capital is Mighty Buildings committing to this initiative?
Mighty Buildings is activating $10 million in equity funding to build the Mighty Buildings communities.
How can cities express interest?
Please complete the form on the Mighty Buildings website and we will contact you. Please refer to our privacy policy, regarding the information you provide to us.
How long will the submission window be open?
The submission period will start on June 15.
What size are the homes?
Mighty Buildings has a variety of housing options with the largest a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom home measuring 1,440 sq. ft. We focus on building sustainable homes that have a small foot print yet have similar functionality of larger homes.
How much will homes cost?
Pricing depends on the size and location of the project. Please reach out to us at for more information.
How can I express interest in purchasing a finished home?
Please submit your interest on the Mighty Buildings website.
When will the homes be ready to move-in?
We are targeting completion of the homes by the end of 2022.
Rendering by HANA for Mighty Buildings/EYRC Architects
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Mighty Buildings Sustainable Cities Development Initiative
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