Houses 3D-printed in just 24 hours now shipping in California

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The Mighty Studio can be 3D-printed in 24 hours or less
The Mighty Studio can be 3D-printed in 24 hours or less

3D-printed houses aren't just proof-of-concepts anymore. A company called Mighty Buildings is already selling and delivering its 3D-printing dwellings in California, with plans to expand into other territories in the future.

We've covered 3D-printed buildings before, but Mighty Buildings sets itself apart from the competition in a handful of different ways, most obviously with their material.

While other companies have been using concrete-based printing materials, what Mighty Buildings uses is more of a synthetic stone. The material cures almost instantly under UV light, hence the UV light panels on either side of the print head.

The material cures quick enough to be printed horizontally without support, allowing for the printing of complex shapes and structures.
While several companies pursuing 3D-printed construction have been gunning to print a house in 24 hours without interruption, Mighty Buildings co-founder Sam Ruben tells me they've achieved it partly because of their prefabricated approach.

Instead of doing their printing onsite as other companies have done, Mighty Buildings does its printing in their factory, which Sam tells me saves significant time in setup and tear down, and also offers opportunities to automate other parts of the process.
After the printing is complete, the building is sanded smooth by robot arms. Mighty Buildings says they aim to eventually automate 80% of the construction process.

You can purchase their dwellings right now on their website, in a variety of different sizes and configurations. To see the printer in action, check out our video down below.